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Faneromeni Festival,Festival of Agia Paraskevi, Dekapendavgoustos Festival (Fifteenth of August Festival).

Festival of Agia Paraskevi.

The Festival of Agia Paraskevi takes place each July on the 26th. There is an evening prayer at the Agia Paraskevi church on the Eve of the festival, and on the same day a glorious mass is performed by the priests. Then, the celebration takes place in the old village School (Scholio) area, where tables are set to welcome the villagers and guests, a traditional Cycladic feast with wine, food and dance.

Dekapendavgoustos Festival (Fifteenth of August Festival).


It takes place each year, on August 15th.

This is the most well-known and anxiously expected festival of each village on Tinos island. Each village celebrates with a great feast, and the preparations take days in order for everything to be perfect. It is the greatest event of all.

Tables are set, meals are prepared, local musicians are gathered from all over Cyclades to honour Virgin Mary's Assumption to the Heavens. The mass in Chora (Tinos) is one of the most famous celebrations in whole Greece and people gather from the entire country to pray and mourn the passing of Virgin Mary. It is a celebration you shouldn't miss..

Faneromeni Festival.
It is an annual festival that takes place each year, on the Friday after the Easter (Paraskevi tou Pascha). It is a small church outside of the village, and four families of villagers who live in Isternia take on the preparations and the expenses of the festival, by turns.
After the mass, there are treats and local drinks (wine, ouzo, coffee and raki), and musicians are invited to entertain the guests and villagers. .

List of all Religious Festivals throughout the year
(Dates and Locations)


2 - Soodohou Pigis | Xombourgo, Dio Horia

16 - Ag. Theodoron | Straits of Tinos and Andros

21 - Konstandinos and Eleni | Ag. Triada


5 - Ascension Day [orthodox] | Arnados

10 - Ag. Andonios | Smardakito, Xombourgo

16 - Whitsunday [orthodox] | Ag. Triada, Kardiani, Falatados, Chatzirados

29 - Petros and Pavlos | Triandaros

30 - Ag. Apostolon | Triandaros


1 - Ag. Anargiron | Arnados, Marlas, Porto

20 - Profiti Ilia | Vaketa, Chora

25 - Ag. Annas | Tsados

26 - Ag. Paraskevis | Isternia


6 - Metamorphoseos | Priastro, Karia

15 - Assumption | Church of the Virgin Mary, Virgin Mary Vrisiotissa

18 - Ag. Agapitou | Agapi

23 - Kira Xeni | Pirgos

23 - Eniamera of the Virgin Mary | Tsiknias

29 - Ag. Ioannu Apokefalisti | Komi


6 - Ag. Sostis | Ag. Sostis

8 - Birthday of the Virgin Mary | Vourniotissa

14 - Timiou Stavrou | Ktikados, Chora [on the 15th]


26 - Ag. Dimitriou | Karia, Tsiknias


8 - Taxiarchon | Messi

11 - Ag. Mina | Kardiani, Xombourgo

21 - Isodia Theotokou | Tripotamos


4 - Ag. Varvara | Ag. Varvara

6 - Ag. Nikolaos | Steni

12 - Ag. Spiridona | Ktikados

13 - Ag. Loukias | Karia, Arnados


17 - Ag. Adonios | Steni

25 - Grigoriou tu Theologou | Falatados

30 - Evreseos [evening: festival of lights] | Chora


2 - I Ipapandi tou Kiriou | Ktikados

10 - Ag. Xaralambos | Tarambados, Ag. Triada, Chora


25 - Annunciation | Church of the Virgin Mary

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  • Εικόνες από τα Υστέρνια

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