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Argiris Vidalis was born in Athens in 1947 and he comes from the island of Tinos. (His father was from Falatados and his mother from Isternia.)

From 1960 till 2004 he worked as assistant responsible for paints and techniques in furniture company ‘’TZE’’ , known in the field of special constructions furniture and the indoor decoration of well known houses, ships and hotels. He kept this position continuously for 44 years.

During his job, he was occupied with drawing, making and giving shape to the issues and the experiences of a whole life. He followed his own technique, using various materials such as woods eaten by the woodworm, old irons, spare parts of machines e.t.c

His artistic work consists of three periods:
1st period 1970- 1980: Classic Painting in naive style, oilcolours and spatula.

2nd period 1980- 1990: Experiments in colours of nitro and polyurethane that can easily been dried.

3rd period 1990- 20007: A mix of creatures and constructions, big or small , according to various techniques and inventions.
His artistic production is going on with undiminished rates till nowadays.

He gives in each construction a content, a meaning, which is explained by himself to the simple visitor, who feels during his walk in the rooms that he travels mentally in the history of Greece.

He has also collected old folklore items, and created a private folklore museum full of emotional retrospections to the past.

This whole effort is made with his own income. He has been exhibited from 1990 only in his private space in Falatados of Tinos, from 20th July to 30th September and the entrance is free.

Argyris Vidalis' Gallery can be seen here.

Argyris Vidalis' homepage is Vidalis-Art.gr

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