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5th Scientific Symposium of Eccesiastic Art

The Company of Tinian Studies 

The Company organizes Tinian Studies E Scientific Symposium:
"The Ecclesiastical Art in Tinos 19th and 20th century, which will be held on May 18, 2013, Saturday, Tinos, in the hall of the Cultural Foundation of Tinos.


The program of the symposium will include scientific papers on ecclesiastical art and themes of the symposium are defined as follows:
a) Architecture b) Painting c) Sculpture, d) History, Conservation - Applied Arts, e) and f Miniature) music.
The communications should be original and that their duration should not exceed 15 minutes. Aims and objectives of the Company will be the publication of the Proceedings of the Symposium, the fifth volume of the periodical Scientific Publication "Tinian."
Stakeholders, excellent scientists, artists and distinguished researchers in the History of Religious Art of Tinos are invited to submit papers of, original announcements relating to the theme of the Symposium on Tinos, which shows convincingly not only the sanctity of space, but also religiousness as timeless, permanent and untouchable aspect of Greek spirituality.
You will also be invited to submit their proposals and in posters. These proposals will be presented in a report, which will work alongside the work of the Symposium.
All notifications-presentations will be accepted entries to determine the title and summary of the matter until April 18, 2013. The text of the abstract should not exceed two typed pages, the speaker's name and title of the paper should precede uppercase letters. The font used should be Times New Roman. Abstracts should be sent in electronic form.
Upon issuance of the volume "Tinian 5" Participants will have the opportunity to develop further the issue of enriching their recommendations with more details and photos. Entry forms should be sent to the following address:
PO Box Company Tinian Studies 325 pc 84 200 Tinos
e-mail: etairia.tin.meleton @ gmail.com
a) Priest Fr George Toufekli, Vice E.TI.ME.,
82 400 Tinos til.6976118343, 22830 22170
a) Mr. Vassilios Collaros, General Secretary of E.TI.ME.. tel 6945191527 e-mail: vkollaros @. Gmail.com
For the Board of E.TI.ME
The President
John P. Gerekou

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