Nearby Beaches

Beaches quite near to Ysternia village, easily accesible by car or on foot.

Ammos (Ysternia Bay)

Ysternia Bay a.k.a. Ammos

The beach of Isternia bay is situated on the east side of the summer beach resort named Skinaki. This is a small leeward sandy beach with heather trees, the access to which demands a few meters walk. At the edge of the bay, there is an impressive house built at a conspicuous location, with a magnificent view. Originally, the residence belonged to Hieronymus Kotsonis, and then to Archbishop Seraphim. Although there have been suggestions in the past to turn this building into a museum, it remains shut tight for the time being. Rooms to rent, fish taverns, a cafeteria and a small mooring for boats and motor-powered dinghies are some of the facilities offered to visitors.

Giannaki (Kardiani Bay)

Giannaki Bay

The beach of Giannaki bay is large, covered with sand and pebbles and full of heather trees. On the shore there is also a slide for boats, a few straw-parasols, rooms to let and taverns. The bay was named after a landowner who lived in this place during the 19th century. Today, the permanent population of the region is reduced to a few families. The white chapel of Saint John the Baptist dominates the landscape.

Aspros Gialos

Aspros Gialos

Aspros Gialos (= White Coast) is a beautiful, deserted beach covered with sand and pebbles. Access to it takes some walking, while the car has to go over a dirt road, some parts of which are difficult to drive through. The landscape is arid and savage, since there are many quarries in the surrounding area. Visitors should make the necessary provisions before they set out.



Rohari is a big bay , with a wide sandy beach and a few pebbles. The heather trees along the coast cast their shadow protecting bathers from the sun. The beach has a refreshment stand, straw parasols, deckchairs and a beach volley net.

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  • Εικόνες από τα Υστέρνια
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  • Εικόνες από τα Υστέρνια
  • Εικόνες από τα Υστέρνια
  • Εικόνες από τα Υστέρνια
  • Εικόνες από τα Υστέρνια
  • Εικόνες από τα Υστέρνια

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